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Was born in Temuco the 2nd March 1951. Since her early teens she loved reading and writing poetry. In 1970 she entered the faculty of Economics in Concepción where she became a student leader. She married only months before the coup.

She was arrested in Santiago the 6th August 1974 by the national secret police, DINA. Her relatives have never seen her since.

There are many witnesses and plenty of evidence of her detention in torture centres. While there, she wrote a poem to a friend in a pack of cigarettes. Her mother, who lives in London, has kept this and other poems written by her daughter as a relic.

Dearest Sandra

I remember when I met you in the house of terror, of what you gave me and surrendered to me.
In those moments in which the light was a dream or a miracle. However, you were the light amongst the darkness.
We were as one in our misfortune. Today, after thousands of misfortunes more, I can see you, as I did then, always looking forward.
We will see each other again through the fog that we will disperse.
Do not forget me comrade.


Month: of despair
Year: of torture

In July 1975 she appeared in the fateful list of the 119 Chileans "who - according to the dictatorship media - had been killed in armed encounters between extremists across the Argentine border". This was a cowardly cover-up of her disappearance.

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