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She was detained the 30th October 1974 when she was 25 years old and three months pregnant. Her husband Marcelo Eduardo Salinas Eytel was arrested a day later. He is also disappeared.

According to her mother, Jacqueline's vocation since she was very young, was to help the poor, the abandoned, the needy and the sick. She always thought that she would be a nurse but she chose to study Social Work. She also loved the theatre and wanted to be an actress and dedicated two years of her life to that passion.

On that day of her arrest, her life was cut short. Her parents denounced and publicised her kidnapping by sending letters to the Home Office, the Defence Ministry and to some Generals. They had several meetings with Consuls and different international institutions like The International Red Cross. Their daily pilgrimage through the detention centres and the National Detention Office (SENDET) had always the same outcome and responses: "Stay calm Mrs. Druilly, come back next week" or "this person is not registered here, please do not insist."

The three members of that family are still disappeared.

Her mother, Norma Yuric Costagliola, has said: "My daughter was pregnant when they arrested her, where is that child who was due in April 1975? What happened to that child? Where do they have him or her? Do they have that child here or in another country?"

I gave birth to an intelligent, healthy and beautiful daughter. But in the prime of her life and when she was due to be a mother, one night in a clandestine way some felons of a secret police called SIM, DINA or CNI arrested her. They took her to their secret torture centres denying her and us of the life of that child. In this way, they have also tortured her whole family.

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